A Great Catch

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Theme unit and stand alone lesson plans to accompany Maggie’s cartoon adventure, “A Great Catch”.

Teachers’ Resources for “A Great Catch” Lessons and Activities for Teachers Using Miss Maggie’s “A Great Catch” Adventure in the Classroom

Educational Framework of “A Great Catch”

Math Activities

Fishing Responsibly
Three realistic math problem-solving situations. Students draw conclusions and make recommendations.
Teacher’s Guide for : Fishing Responsibly
Teacher’s Guide for Maggie’s Journal
Printable math problems to correlate with Maggie’s journal entries.

Science Activities

Water Quality : Onion Bulb Germination Test
An easy classroom experiment to show the importance of clean water.

Water Temperature and Salinity Experiment
Use the scientific process to teach students the effects of temperature and salt content on our water.
Teacher’s Guide for : Water Temperature and Salinity Experiment

What In The World Are Swim Bladders and Why Are They Important?
An experiment using water, balloons, and the scientific process to illustrate the importance of fish swim bladders.
Teacher’s Guide for: What In The World Are Swim Bladders and Why Are They Important?

Cultural Arts

Recipe: Palitao

Game: Connections
A playground activity to show the interconnectedness of ocean life.

Additional Reading / Suggested Reading

Poetry Resources

Suggested Art Activities


Links to related websites

Language Arts

Teachers’ Guide and Student Activities to Accompany “Shark Beneath the Reef”

A Note to Teachers

Chapter Synopses

Vocabulary Words

Pre-Reading and Discussion Questions

Critical Reading and Writing Activities

Word Sort Lists and Activities


Crossword Template

Trading Card Animals

Trading Card Patterns

Vocabulary Words from Shark Beneath the Reef

KWL… About Sharks

Word Sort Template


Journal Entries

List It!

Compare and Contrast

List and Compare

Game Board

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