You Must Be Choking

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Theme unit and stand alone lesson plans to accompany Maggie’s cartoon adventure, “You Must Be Choking”.

Teachers’ Resources for
“You Must Be Choking”

Lessons and Activities for Teachers Using Maggie’s “You Must Be Choking” Adventure in the Classroom

Educational Framework of “You Must Be Choking”

Math Activities
Problem Solving
Five multi-step word problems to help students see the power of math in real-life decision making.
Take a class poll, graph the results, and draw conclusions.
Carlyle Figures It Out!
A multi-step word problem that requires students to draw conclusions and recommend action.

Science Experiments
A Delicate Balance
A hands-on class activity that illustrates the delicate nature of our environment.
Global Warming Experiment
Use household objects to show how global warming takes place and the effects it has on the earth.
Pollution Experiment
An easy experiment to illustrate pollution is all around us.
Pollution Observation Sheet
Students record experiment results and draw conclusions based on their observations.

Critical Thinking Skills
Evaluate and Apply
Students analyze problems, draw conclusions, and write recommendations for real-life situations.
Builds student vocabulary and reasoning skills with environmental analogies.

Cultural Arts
Suggested Activities
Five art, drama and music activities to showcase knowledge and creativity.
Poetry Resources
Poems and activities about our atmosphere.
Suggested Additional Reading
Books to further interest students.

Language Arts
“A Breath of Fresh Air”
Teachers’ Guide and Student Activities

Strategies for Reading and Comprehension
Before you Read “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Part One: Renewable Energy Sources
Using A Really Big Power Plant
Journey To The Center Of The Earth – A Conference Center Uses Geothermal Energy
It’s Not Just A Lot Of Hot Air….Kinko’s Uses The Wind!
The Mighty Whale Puts Waves To Work
Biomass: An Alternative Energy Source

Part Two: Using New Technologies
Landfills: A Heap or a Help?
Cooking Curanto
A School Uses A Different Way To Save Energy – Cogeneration
A Winning Combination: Wood Chips and Cogeneration
What’s The Big Problem With Cars?
SunLine Transit Travels In The Right Direction
Cement Makers Solve Hard Problems!

Part Three: Nature’s Natural Air Pollution Fighter – Trees
They’re Nature’s Gift…..Trees
Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires!

Part Four: One Can Make A Difference
Scott Bernstein Looks For Solutions
The Power Of One

Part Five: Putting It All Together
Let The Sun Shine In – BP’s Sun Matches What It Feels About The Environment

Part Six: Word Study
Word Study

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