Okavango Delta

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Mason

Dr. Kathy

Director of Education, Maggie’s Earth Adventures

This week’s WAP takes placeon the Okavango Delta in Botswana and because I am so fond of this part of the world, I thought that’s where I would draw my inspiration in a selfish effort to heal my broken heart following the crushing and unexpected defeat of my Packer’s last week!

As I researched the WAP for this week, I poured over notes in my journal and was immediately taken back in time to this magical place. Grateful for the words I had taken the time to record, it reminded me just how important it is to maintain a journal.  It is not only an important art form that many writers use, but scientists also use journaling to glean qualitative data from their observational entries. The first and most critical step in journaling is to cultivate the habit.  I love the idea of setting a timer in your classroom and encouraging children to write whatever comes into their head during the time allotted. You are certain to hear grunts and moans initially but if you put aside the same amount of time a few days a week, you will see their stamina and enthusiasm for writing increase. Let me know how this activity is received and if you discover the next great burgeoning writer. I would love to share their journal entry with our community.

A special thank you this week for your support as the number of visitors checking out our site has risen dramatically since the beginning of 2012. We’re not sure exactly why, but we know who is making that happen and that’s our loyal subscribers.Keep up the great work and we’ll see you next week!

Dr. Kathy