To the Top!

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by Mason

Dr. Kathy

Director of Education, Maggie’s Earth Adventures

Maggie doesn’t know how great she has it at, traveling around the globe in her prop plane dodging long security lines, flight delays, or the possibility of being stuck over night in the Detroit airport!  Nothing against Detroit, but an overnight hotel stay was not what I had in mind when traveling this week.  But when things get tough, the tough take the opportunity to write a blog post, so this week I’m hailing from the motor city.

We often suffer inconveniences when traveling but sometimes it’s downright scary to get where you want to go.  This week’s WAP was inspired by a recent trip to South Africa where our Executive Producer, Mason, and I rode a cable car to the tippy top of Table Mountain last spring.  Precariously perched thousands of feet up in the air, swinging from a chord, I was terrified of plunging to the earth below.  Yet, once we reached the top and I caught my breath, the view from the summit was spectacular as we paused to look out over the City of Cape Town and Robben Island, South Africa’s ‘Alcatraz’.  What goes up must come down and the return cable ride down as the winds were picking up,  was just as frightening but I steadied myself by focusing on what activities I could design to share with all of you this week.  So far, regardless of how difficult or tumultuous the travel, I have yet to regret a journey.  Any travel stories you would like to share with our on-line community?  We would love to hear where you have been or where you would like to go.   Let us know at

Happy teaching,

Dr. Kathy