Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by Mason

Dr. Kathy

Director of Education, Maggie’s Earth Adventures

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my Maggie partners, so near and dear to my heart!

I have been scattered across the map these past few weeks, drawing inspiration from every place I have visited to develop material to share with my partners at www.missmaggie.org.  My first stop was a visit home to Marquette, Michigan where I ran into my fifth grade teacher, Miss Pelkinen, one of the kindest teachers I have ever known in my rather extensive career on both sides of learning.  In a moment of sudden clarity, I paused to consider how I’ve influenced my students along the way and what I might be remembered for in the minds of my children.   My next stop was the 109th American International Toy Fair in New York City which opened this week to tens of thousands gathered from 110 countries to check out the latest and greatest in innovative toys, games and youth entertainment products.   Here I was reminded that our role as an educator of young minds also means that today, we have to be exceptionally creative in reaching these kids.   We are competing for their attention in an environment that is riddled with technology and a host of other distractions unlike any other time in history.

Do you have any ideas or activities you feel would be a good match for our Weekly Activity Packet?  If so, please don’t keep it a secret, share the wealth with all of us at Maggie’s Earth Adventures!

Next stop,sunny South Florida.  Surf’s Up!

Have a great week!