We ALL Live Downstream

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by Mason

Today I am restraining myself from sharing how adorable my 16 month old grandson is and how much joy he brings into our lives every day.  But in the spirit of relevance to www.missmaggie.org, Bennett’s genuine enthusiasm about the outdoors and interest in the simple pleasures, such as a blade of grass, not only fascinates me but also is relatable.  And I wish there was some way I could capture and prolong this unique stage of discovery.

As I paused to think about how I can foster Bennett’s interest in his natural environment, I came across the “Downstream Project” a multi-media company that produces educational videos, informational websites, graphics and presentations to help organizations promote their conservation message. It’s a new world and today, theclever blend of multimedia is the most valuable way to reach people, to get them to connect with information, look deeper and think more critically.  The “Downstream Project” is producing work that will not only heighten awareness of our environmental concerns, but is encouraging young people to connect with nature and even influencing career paths.  Today a blade of grass… tomorrow a leader in sustainable agriculture.

Do you know of an organization blazing a similar trail?  We would love to hear about it and share their work with our Maggie partners!

Happy teaching!