Maggie’s Treasure Trove

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by Jessica

Back to School Special! From now until September 30th purchase entry for only $5.00!  Entry is good for the entire year and  you can download all the Weekly Activity Packets (WAPs-and there are 1,000s of pages) you’ve missed in the past! For a complete listing click here

From our Director of Education, Dr. Kathy Smith:

In looking back over past WAPs, I marveled at the many ways you could package activities from our Archive, “Maggie’s Treasure Trove”. I tried my hand at this during the summer and came up with just a few ideas. This “packaging” can be done using a variety of criteria. You could find WAPs that relate in topic. This election series isn’t limited to last week’s, this week’s, and next week’s offerings. We have past WAPs, such as an Electoral College math WAP and an explanation of the 2008 election that you could use together. But there are broader topics such as elephants, animals of Africa, bodies of water, or space, to name just a few. Studying about a specific country? Check out all the WAPs that correlate. China comes to mind with our array of material from the Great Wall to pandas. The best part? The activities span a range of subject areas. You’ll find reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and even cultural activities related to China. Perhaps you need to reinforce skills? We have several activities on standardized test preparation (in a fun way!) or you can concentrate on writing skills. These are just two ideas. We’re sure your creative minds will come up with more. We’d love to hear what you think. And remember, as a teacher recently emailed us, “I love the weekly packs especially since they can be used in classes with varied levels.”