Mount Rushmore

Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Jessica

Did you receive this week’s WAP, “Mount Rushmore Math Adventure” ?    In addition to the math activities here are several ways to introduce the content across the curriculum!

Social Studies:

  • Economics – Discussing “wants and needs?” Use the information to talk about what the country wanted and what was needed to create Mount Rushmore.
  • Local Geography – Research the local needs of the community and how people and leaders arrived at the decision to create this monument. Ask children to explain why this was necessary for the community.


  • Find out more about the rocks (geology) of the area and what construction workers needed to make this a success.
  • Discover more about the animals who live in the area. Each child can write a page for a field guide detailing Mount Rushmore’s wildlife.

Language Arts:

  • Informational Text (Writing) Write a biography of a sculptor.
  • Research – Find out why this site is called Mount Rushmore.
  • Using Text Features: Make a timeline showing the creation of Mount Rushmore since it was an idea until it opened.


  • Use various materials to create a 3D version of one of the areas of Mount Rushmore, including the walkway, visitor’s center, or actual mountain.