Air Pollution

DIRECTIONS:  Read each statement.  If you believe that a statement is true, place a check in the Agree column.  If you believe that a statement is false, place a check in the Disagree column.  Be ready to explain your choices.

Agree Disagree  
    1.   Spraying an air freshener has no effect on the atmosphere.
    2.   Carbon dioxide is released when coal, oil, or natural gas is burned. 
    3.   The greenhouse effect is good for life on earth.
    4.  Earth’s atmosphere has five layers.
    5.   You can burn plants to make electricity.
    6.   Animal dung is used to fuel fires.
    7.   Geothermal energy is the renewable energy found in the power of ocean waters.
    8.   Farmers can grow crops and put up wind farms on the same piece of land.
    9.   Many fossil fuel plants just throw away electricity.
    10. Fuel cells provide power for cars, but they release pollution into the air.
    11.  Cement is the same thing as concrete.
    12.  Trees can be used to clean up our air.
    13.  Refineries have found that flaring is a good way to get pure oil. 


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