Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 1: Renewable Energy Sources…

Using A Really Big Power Plant

In this article are words that have the long sound of oo. This can be represented by oo or by ew. Have your students look for the words in the article that have this sound. They should give you the words choose, Chattanooga, renewable, and perhaps roof depending upon the pronunciation in your part of the country. Write these words on the board and elicit the two ways to spell the targeted sound. Then give each student a sort containing the following words:

Chattanooga  renewable 
choose   jewel  
booster     pewter 
lagoon   steward
moonbeam   withdrew
raccoon chewy
toothache   sewage
maroon   dewdrop

Exception: shampoo

Have the students sort the words by the spelling of the long sound of oo. Ask the students to see if they can formulate a rule that explains this spelling. Lead students to the understanding that the sound is usually written oo when it is not the last sound in a syllable. (Closed syllable). The sound is written ew when it is the last sound in the syllable. (Open syllable).

Picture It!

3-4 Players

Ask students to write the words on cards. Each syllable should be on a separate card. Deal the cards with the long oo sound. Put the other syllables in one pile. The word, choose, is a wild card that gives the student who receives it, a point. Students take turns drawing cards from the pile. If they have a match that makes a word, they put the completed word down in front of them. If they do not have a match, they put the card in the discard pile. Play continues using the discard pile until all matches are made. The student with the most words is the winner.




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