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Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

What’s The Big Problem With Cars?

Write the sentence, “Ford Motor Company produces an engine called a reformer.”   Ask the students to find words that mean “to bring forward” and “to do something again in a new way.”  Circle produces and reformer as students generate the words.  Discuss the meaning of the prefixes. Ask students to write down as many words as possible beginning with the prefixes pro- and re-.  Take their suggestions and add them to the words below to make a sort for the class.  This is also a good time to point out that pro- can have more than one meaning.

pro-          re-
produce  reformer
proceed rebuild
progress   recall
project   reclaim
procedure    recycle
process   refill
procession  remind
propel       rewrite

You Be The Teacher!

Ask students to work in groups to create bulletin boards or posters showing the meaning of prefixes.  Display their work.  If you have a digital camera, take pictures and send them to Maggie’s Gallery!

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