Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

Cement Makers Solve “Hard” Problems!

Tell students that they have been reading a lot about carbon dioxide.  Write the word dioxide on the board and circle the prefix di-.  Ask students if they know what this word means.  Have a student check the answers in a dictionary.  (Dioxide is an oxide with 2 atoms of oxygen linked with another element.  In carbon dioxide these 2 oxygen atoms are linked with carbon.)  Ask students to generate a list of other words that contain the prefix di-. (digraph, diphthong).

Divide the class into groups and hand out pieces of paper with the following number prefixes on them.  Ask the groups to list words that contain these prefixes and have them define the prefix.  Groups should share and post their work.

uni-    one
mon- (mono-)   one
bi-      two
di-   two
tri-    three
quadr-       four
pent- five
hex-    six
sept-  seven
oct-    eight
dec- (deci-)   ten




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