Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

Write the word Internet on the board.  Ask students to discuss the meaning and function of the Internet.  Give the students the following small sort that helps students to see the difference between the prefixes inter- and intra-.  After reading and sorting the words, have students explain the meaning of the prefixes. 

inter-      intra-
Internet    intramural
international       intrastate
interpret        Intracoastal Waterway

Ask students if they can think of any more words that begin with the prefix inter-.  You might want them to look up possible words in the dictionary.

Tell students that there are many new words and some new meanings for words that have entered our language because of computers.  Make a list of these words.  Have your class send their list to Maggie.

Who Wants To Be A Prefix Performer?

Divide the students into groups.  Have groups write questions for the other groups that are related to the prefixes you have studied.  These can deal with spellings, meaning of prefixes, or similar prefixes.  Have the groups take turns asking each other their questions.  Assign points as teams correctly respond to the questions.

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