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Part Three: Nature’s Natural Air Pollution Fighters – Trees…Going to the Root With Suffixes!

They’re Nature’s Gift…….Trees

Begin the two lessons on suffixes by writing the sentence, “Carbon that occurs naturally in our air is used by trees.”  Discuss this sentence with the class.  Ask the students to explain what naturally means.  They should be able to respond that it is natural to find carbon dioxide in our air.  Then underline the base word natural and ask someone to explain what –ly means.  Talk about the fact that –ly is a suffix.  Ask the students if they can define the word suffix.  Ask if they know other suffixes.  List the suffixes –ly, -less, and –ful on the board.  Have students generate lists of words that contain these suffixes.  Add any words they come up with to the following list to create a suffix sort.

-ly      -less    -ful
naturally       endless    careful
badly       powerless    harmful
finally   careless     hopeful
really      breathless     useful
certainly    homeless      wasteful
costly     priceless      lawful
lovely defenseless    stressful

Elicit from the students that –ly means like or in a certain way, -less means without, and -ful means full of.

Writing An Environmental Tree Mystery

The words in the above sort were chosen as appropriate words that students might use to write an environmental adventure using trees as a topic.  Assign students to write adventures/mysteries either individually or in groups.  Share the adventures with each other and with Maggie.

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