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Part Four: One Can Make A Difference…Different Spellings of Sounds

Scott Bernstein Looks For Solutions

Ask students to review some of the ways that Scott Bernstein found solutions to air pollution problems.  Write the list of ways the students remember.  Be sure to elicit from them that Mr. Bernstein encourages people to live close to their workplace.  Write the word encourage.  Ask students what sound they hear at the end of this word. (/j/).   Then give the following sort.  Students should be able to conclude the final /j/ sound is spelled age in a multi-syllable word and dge in one syllable word with a short vowel.

pledge   average
wedge  baggage
trudge  postage
grudge     message
badge  heritage
judge  savage
hedge courage
ridge   voyage
fudge    storage
bridge  encourage

The Great J Hunt

Ask students to find as many words as they can that have the /j/ sound.  Write these words and make lists of like features. Have the students write the various rules that determine the spelling of the /j/ sound.      

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