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Part Four: One Can Make A Difference…Different Spellings of Sounds

The Power Of One

In this sort, the students will explore two of the spellings for the sound of /er/.  These two spellings are er and ir.  This is an area where we must memorize the spelling as there is no rule that controls the choice we make.

To begin the lesson talk about what kind of a person Mrs.Gutierrez is.  Discuss her characteristics.  Then write the word person on the board.  Talk about the spelling of the /er/ sound.  Give students the following sort and provide them with many opportunities for spelling these words to each other.                                    

er    ir
person      dirty
merchant   sirloin
kernel    thirsty
merger twirler
nervous virtue
jersey    circuit
gerbil     circle
herbal firmly
hermit      whirlpool
thermos    confirm

Colorful Words!

Have students write their words on black paper using a gel pen.  Tell them to leave a space where the letter combinations er and ir should be.  They can then trade papers with another student and use a different color gel pen to add the combination letters that will spell the word correctly.

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