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Journey To The Center Of The Earth – A Conference Center Uses Geothermal Energy

In this article are words that have the /oi/ sound.  This can be represented by oy or by oi.  Have your students look for two words in the article that have the /oi/ sound.  They should give you the words destroy and soil. Write these words on the board and elicit the two ways to spell /oi/.  Then give each student a sort containing the following words:

destroy   loyal Exception:
enjoy    soil   doily
oyster  moisture    
voyage   rejoice  
royal     avoid    
employ  exploit  
destroy appoint  


(It would be interesting to explain that doily is spelled doyley in Britain).

Have the students sort the words by the spelling of /oi/.  Ask the students to see if they can formulate a rule that explains the spelling of /oi/.  Lead students to the understanding that the /oi/ sound is usually written oi when it is not the last sound in a syllable. (Closed syllable)  The sound /oi/ is written oy when it is the last sound in the syllable. (Open syllable)

Play “Picture It” with the new words.  You may want to play only with the /oi/ words or you may add these words to your previous deck.  This depends on the level and needs of your students.

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