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Part 1: Renewable Energy Sources…

Biomass: Valuable Trash

The final ambiguous vowel combination we will look at is the spelling of the short oo sound. Remind the students of the first sort where they found words such as Chattanooga that represented the long oo sound. Depending upon your local pronunciation, you may have included roof. Help students recall this discussion. Perhaps they found the word soot in the first article, but you discussed the pronunciation of soot as having the short oo sound. Have them reread the section in this article entitled "Biogas Plants." Students should look for words that contain oo. They should list cooking and waterproof. Reinforce the idea that when the short oo sound is heard, a typical spelling is oo.  

Give students the following list to compare with the oo words from the first sort.










Word Hunt

To help students review both the spelling of ambiguous vowels and the concepts in the first five articles about renewable energy sources, have the students scan the articles for words that contain the features: the sounds of oo, /ô/, /oi/, and /ou/. Students may work individually or in partners. Post the longest list in the classroom.

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