Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

Landfills:  A Heap or a Help?

Ask students what causes landfill gas.  After discussion, bring students to the conclusion that as waste decomposes, landfill gas is produced.  Write the word decomposes on the board.  Ask students to write a definition of decomposes.  Bring students to the understanding that de- is a prefix that can mean “the opposite of.”  Ask them to think of other words that contain this prefix.

Following is a sort that compares two prefixes.  After students sort the words, discuss the meaning of the words.  Practice spelling the words in partners.

de-           ex-
decompose     exhale
degrade     exceed
debrief   exhaust
decrease    exit
decipher    excavate
decline   exclaim
defame        exodus
deflate     export


Bonus word – The exoatmosphere is the outer most part of the earth’s atmosphere.

Showy Sentences

Ask students to write sentences that illustrate the meaning of the words.  Read the sentences and discuss how the sentence might change with a different prefix.

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