Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

Cooking Curanto

Ask students to think about this article.  Pose the question, “What would happen if a child in Kenya made a mistake and used wet firewood instead of dry firewood?”  After discussion on this topic, write the word mistake on the board.  Tell the students that mis- is a prefix.  Write pre- on the board.  Give the class the following sort that contains words with these prefixes and elicit their meaning from the class.                         

Word Hunt

Have students go on a word hunt for words containing selected prefixes.  Ask them to post their words and explain them to each other. 

mis-           pre-
mistake     prefix
misplace  preheat
misspell     pretest
miscount       prepay
misbehave       prejudice
misdeal   preschool
misjudge       preshrunk
misfit     predawn



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