Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

A School Uses A Different Way To Save Energy – Cogeneration

Ask students to review what the word cogeneration means.  Write the word on the board and circle the prefix co-.  Discuss how knowing the meaning of this prefix helps us to understand the word. Review with the students that co- means together or with.  Tell them this prefix will be included on the sort for this article.  Have students determine the meaning of the prefix sym- after completing the sort.

co-          sym-
cogeneration      symmetry
coeducational  symbol
coequal    sympathy
coexist       symphony


You Can Be A Cut Up!

Have students write words containing prefixes on cards.  Students will cut the prefixes off of the cards and try to make new words.  See what interesting combinations they can make.  Ask the students to define some of their silly words!



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