Word Sorts and Activities 

Part 2: Using New Technologies…Using Prefixes

A Winning Combination: Wood Chips and Cogeneration

Begin the lesson by asking students if they agree or disagree with the 1994 law that required the local utility company, Northern States Power Company, to use more biomass energy.  Write the words Agree and Disagree on the board.  Take a poll of the students.  Then discuss what the prefix dis- means.  Before handing out the sort, ask students to reread the first sentence in the section titled “Why?”   Ask students to explain what they think the word overwhelming means.  Ask students to write down as many words as possible beginning with the prefixes dis- and over-.  Take their suggestions and add them to the words below to make a sort for the class.

dis-            over-
disagree    overwhelming
disable   overprice
disappear    oversleep
disapprove     overspend
disbelief       overstay
discard    overtake
discharge    overtime
disclaim   oversee
discomfort      overhear
disconnect     overgrown
discover  overdue

Opposite Sentences

Ask students to write sentences that show the meaning of the base word and then the meaning of the word with the prefix.   For example a student might write “I love to sleep but my dog licks my face with her sloppy wet tongue when I oversleep.”  Share the sentences.



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