Who we are

About Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC

Earth Adventures, Ltd., an Irish company with headquarters in Middleburg, Virginia, was established in December of 1999 with the objective of educating children on environmental issues. The company was transferred to the U.S. in 2001 and now operates from its Virginia offices under the new name Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC. Materials produced are designed to provide children with the knowledge and motivation to make educated and responsible decisions so they may protect and build a sustainable future for our planet. The company’s primary focus to date has been the development and launch of a multi-media program, Maggie’s Earth Adventures. For additional information about our team please go toCredits.

Educational Framework of Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC

The stories and activities that comprise each unit in Maggie’s Earth Adventures are presented to introduce students to actual environmental issues and to motivate students to delve deeper into the issues presented. Standards-based activities are an important part of each of these adventures. Teachers will find on-line activities and a multitude of printable lessons in the Teachers’ Lounge section to correlate with the animated stories. Each classroom and learning situation is unique so teachers are encouraged to pick and choose the activities that best meet their students’ needs.

Research shows that learners respond best to integrated material presented in meaningful situations. Showing students how various disciplines relate to one another helps them to attach importance and meaning to learning. Students also need to know their learning is connected to real life situations. In Maggie’s Earth Adventures students are exposed to real life environmental problems. Activities from various disciplines are integrated into each mission to allow students to see the connectedness and relevance of math, science, geography, language arts, and cultural experiences. In designing the educational material we have taken into account multiple intelligences theory and the latest brain research. Standards in each discipline were examined before designing both the interactive components and the printable lesson activities.
In each story, Maggie carries a mission pack of various devices. These devices contain interactive activities designed to heighten interest in the goals and standards that are a part of each story. Students may be taught about science concepts such as the atmosphere, be exposed to language arts skills such as writing nonfiction reports, or students may expand their cultural arts backgrounds by listening to music from various countries.

Interactive games help to teach and reinforce specific skill development such as basic math facts, proper use of inflectional endings, and geographic location of countries. Many of the games are based on the latest educational research and contain various levels to allow for the range of learners present in our classrooms.

Teachers will find not only a variety of activities designed for a range of levels, but they are also presented with activities written for various learning situations. Many printable lessons in the Teachers’ Lounge section lend themselves to cooperative learning situations and present students with sound practice in critical thinking skills. The computer activities give students the opportunity to learn specific skills taken from standards in each discipline. Registered teachers have the opportunity to receive free Weekly Activity Packets that present environmental issues while teaching skills and problem solving. These packets are designed for students to complete independently. To receive Maggie’s Weekly Activity Packets please visit the Teachers’ Lounge and register.

Other areas of the site teachers will find helpful are the Postcard section where students will find real photographs and teachers will find various writing prompts for each photograph. We also feature a Bookstore where quality educational materials can be purchased. Coming soon you will find a Book section featuring the Maggie characters.

It is the ultimate goal of Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC to empower students to accept their responsibilities as global citizens and take initiatives to protect our planet.

Business Affairs, please contact mason@missmaggie.org