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Teacher Resources
Site packed with information for educators, including school issues, site reviews and teaching themes.
K-12 education site, with easy to browse A-Z categories.
Lesson plans and classroom management
"Content that clicks!"
Site offers a wealth of information on internet safety and a teacher resource area

Marine and Environmental Resources for Students and Teachers
The Really Wild Zone, focusing on Australia, home to the Great Barrier Reef.
Feature-filled nature site from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Website of the Sea Education Association.
Brings good news about the environment in a weekly, one-hour program.
The Ecology Protectors’ site with information on the current conditions of the environment of planet Earth.
Bring the environment into your classroom
The UNEP - World Conservation Monitoring Centre website
Find marine science education resources screened by science editors and research scientist.
The home page of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Here, you can test your skill at identifying some of the marine wildlife found in and around the coral reefs of the world.
The Green Map System is a globally connected, locally adaptable framework for community sustainability. Use Green Map Icons to chart your neighborhood.
Getting people to speak out for a better world.
A guide to educational resources on the Internet
An extension to the National Geographic for Kids magazine that allows students to explore in a fun, safe online environment.

Articles, challenges, maps, videos, contests, quizzes and games!
This site for kids will help enable young people to make positive changes in their lives, communities, nations and world as they share their solutions with others. As they exchange ideas in a global forum they will be using new skills and knowledge while gaining more control over their own lives.

Linkopedia - A Better Way To Explore The Internet!

Click through to Asia and Near East for an overview of the Philippines.
English broadcasting network in the Philippines. Provides daily information and more.