Suggested Activities for the Gallery

Here are just a few ideas you may want to use in the classroom to showcase your children's creativity and encourage them to learn more about their environment. Remember, we'll be happy to post your childrens' work in the Gallery Area at Please visit the Gallery for submission instructions.

  • Create poems in the shape of a seashell, wave, shark or other underwater creature.
  • Make a mural of a MMEA adventure. Kids get to contribute anything and everything. Everything is labeled. Divide the class in to small groups and see who can generate the most words. This can become a class spelling and vocabulary reference.
  • Ask the children to do a mini-investigation about coral as a homework assignment. This could be an initiating activity for the following:
    • Kids make coral by using paper doilies and painting them with watercolors. They choose one interesting fact from their homework and post it with their coral.
    • Kids can create a huge wall map to show where the major coral reefs are located and post their doily coral.
  • Ask students to do a mini-investigation about the importance of the sea as a homework assignment. What do we use that comes from the sea?
  • Kids can make WANTED posters to put around school. They are looking for specific fishers who are practicing undesirable fishing practices. Include:
    • Where he or she was spotted?
    • What does he or she look like?
    • What was he or she wearing?
    • What was he or she doing and why is this bad?

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