1. Wind is to renewable energy as oil is to ___________________________.

2. Photovoltaic is to solar energy as clams are to ______________________.

3. Carbon dioxide is to trees as oxygen is to _________________________.

4. Soot is to coal burning power plant as water is to ___________________.

5. Fuel cell is to alternative fuel as fuel cell is to _____________________.

6. Oil is to fossil fuel as hydrothermal is to _________________________.

7. Stoking is to fire as movement is to _____________________________.

8. Carbon sequestration is to deforestation as helpful is to ______________.

9. Decay is to decompose as convert is to _________________________.

10. Landfill is to trash as rainforest is to ____________________________.


wave energy detrimental
geothermal energy people
nonrenewable energy generator
reformer change
vegetation fuel cell

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