Kathy Hart Smith

Ms. Smith brings over fifteen years of public and private school teaching to the MMEA educational team. She has taught a host of grades from first through college levels and enjoys all aspects of education and delights in discovering creative and exciting ways to impact knowledge in her classroom. Smith holds a Master of Education Degree from Tufts University with a specialty in reading and is committed to continuing education by enrolling in classes and attending conferences.

She is married to Gregory J. Smith, Maggie's contributing scientist, and has a daughter, a son and three dogs. She is the author of The Adventures of Ann and Emma, a book series for beginning readers.

Kathleen Crane

Ms. Crane lives and works in New Jersey, where she enjoys being a preschool teacher at The Playhouse. She offers extensive experience in classroom teaching, and working with elementary school children in diverse settings. Ms. Crane has worked as a curriculum coordinator for an international elementary school. Here she facilitated teachers in bringing about fundamental changes in child-centered approaches, curriculum development, classroom design, and teaching methods. Crane earned her Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Fordham University.

She is married and has two boys.