Carlyle lives on Tree Way Lane just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys her beautiful neighborhood and knows everyone who lives on her street. There are eight houses on Tree Way Lane and these neighbors often enjoy picnics together. Carlyle is concerned about the health of the Earth and about the greenhouse effect. She wants to let her neighbors know what they can do together to help Planet Earth.

After doing some research, Carlyle learned that if you spend an average of $1,200.00 each year on your electric bill, you are emitting 17,368 pounds of carbon dioxide, 47 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 160 pounds of sulfur dioxide into the air. Carlyle thinks her neighbors on Tree Way Lane need to be informed about this. She wants to construct posters and print flyers to help get the facts out about how much pollution the homes in the neighborhood are producing.

Carlyle wants to present the facts in a way that will encourage her neighbors to conserve energy. To help her do this, she decides that she needs to figure out the following information:

A. How much pollution does each neighbor produce in a year if they spend $2,400.00 a year on their electric bill?

B. If each neighbor spends an average of $100 every MONTH on their electric bill, how much pollution will all the neighbors on Tree Way Lane add to the atmosphere?

If you were Carlyle, how would you present this information to your neighbors?

Choose a set of figures from the calculations you made above or think of a different set of figures that is accurate to present. Design a poster or flyer that shows your neighbors how much they are contributing to the greenhouse effect. You may want to include tables or webs. You may also want to include suggestions about what the people of Tree Way Lane can do to decrease the amount of pollution they produce.

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