What renewable energy source do you think has the most potential for helping solve the Earth's problems?

Wind Power  
Solar Power  
Biomass Energy  
Wave Power  
Geothermal Energy  

Teacher Notes:

A. Each student in your class should put an X next to the energy source they believe should be further developed.

B. After every student has had the opportunity to give an opinion, divide the class into cooperative learning groups.

  1. Ask each group to write three questions based on the graph.
  2. Each group reads their best question. Other groups are to put a check by similar questions on their papers. Groups should also note whether or not the question can be answered based on the information in the graph. Continue around the room until all groups have had a chance to share all their questions.
  3. Discuss which questions are reasonable and helpful.
  4. Have the groups work together again to design a different type of graph to present the information the class gathered.

C. Collect the questions that the class agreed were good. Tape them to a piece of paper and duplicate the questions and graph. This becomes meaningful math homework for the night! Depending upon the amount of work your class has been exposed to with graphs and problem solving, you may need to first model questions such as:

  • What fraction of the class believed...
  • How many more...
  • What percent of the class believes...


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