Note to teachers: We have included the following poems we came across while researching Maggie’s “You Must be Choking.”  We hope you share some of these poems with your students and enjoy.  If you run across other poems, new activities or make up some of your own please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Greenhouse Effect

All those gases,
Rattle in my brain,
Oxides, methane-
Driving me insane.

Why does my fifth grade teacher,
Torture me this way?
Got to learn those gases' names,
By the end of day.

They’re really quite important,
To our planet’s atmosphere.
For if they multiply too much,
Earth’s protection disappears!

All those oxides,
Spewed by factories,
Are then carried world wide
On a gentle breeze.

But eating at the ozone,
Is what these gases do
Then our planet warms right up
And that’s a bug-a-boo.

Fossil fuel burning
Has really got to go
We have to find some other ways
To break this status quo.

Polar ice caps dripping,
Instead of solid ice,
Causing seas to rise right up
That isn’t very nice!

Wetlands and farmlands
Will soon become too dry
Now I know why my teach says
We cannot just stand by.

Wind and solar power -
Those gases do not make
Let's look at some alternatives
For planet Earth’s sake.

So, I will learn my oxides,
Methane, hydrocarbons, too
Then maybe I can help the earth-
It’s really overdue!

Ann Hart

Suggested Activity: Rap it!

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