Masters of Camouflage

Walking sticks, praying mantises and chameleons are masters of camouflage. They have many enemies who think they would make a tasty treat. Camouflage is very important for their survival. It keeps them from being eaten.

Here’s a fun activity that will test your drawing skills.

  1. Glue a large piece of wrapping paper on to a larger sheet of construction paper.

  2. Choose to draw a walking stick, praying mantis, or chameleon. Draw it on white paper, cut it out and then paste it onto the wrapping paper. Here comes the challenging part. Color your animal to match the wrapping paper. Camouflage it to the best of your ability.

  3. Create a bulletin board. Think of a title. Post a definition of camouflage.

  4. Send your work to Maggie’s Gallery. For information on how to do this visit

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Masters of Camouflage (13K)