Poetry to accompany "Herd of Elephants?" Parts 1 and 2

The Savannah Bulldozer

Plowing up the earth,
Moving shrubs and brush
Making way for fresher turf,
New grass – green and lush!

Digging in the parched, dry dirt
Water now can flow
Disaster, then, they do avert
From Meru to Lobito.

Toppling over trees, immense
New growth can appear.
Fresh buds and sprouts, they do commence,
It goes throughout the year.

What keeps the land so lush and green?
Bulldozing this homefront?
It’s nature’s way – that’s no machine –
Why, it’s an elephant!

By Ann Hart
© 2001 Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC

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Poetry to accompany "Herd of Elephants?" Parts 1 and 2 (11K)