Thinking Critically about Geography

As a Bird Flies or as a Submarine Dives…

In order to go from one place to another, you have to know where you want to go. One way to know is by looking at a map. Getting to where you want to go isn't always as easy as drawing a straight line across a map. Imagine if there was a mountain in between where you are and where you want to be. Unless there's a tunnel through the mountain, you're going to have to go over it or around it. If you're flying an airplane, going over the mountain is no problem. If you're walking, you'll probably want to go around the mountain.

1. Look at this map. What are some of the ways you can get from point A to point B? How would you give directions to someone flying a plane, driving a car, or in a submarine? How far is it from point A to point B in an airplane, a car, or a submarine?

2. If lots of people travel back and forth between the two points, what would be a way to make it easier for them to travel?

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