Thinking About St. Petersburg!

Andrew spent a lot of time looking at all the matryoshka dolls in the souvenir market outside of the Cathedral of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg. He finally decided to buy set of dolls that were beautifully painted with scenes of St. Petersburg. Put the dolls he bought in order from largest to smallest.

  1. The Cathedral of the Resurrection is the largest.
  2. Palace Square is between the Hermitage and the Summer Palace.
  3. The Hermitage is next to the Cathedral of the Resurrection.
  4. The Mariinsky Theatre is the smallest.
  5. The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is next to the Mariinsky Theatre.
  6. Nevsky Prospect comes after the Summer Palace.
  7. Anichkov Bridge comes before Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral.

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Thinking About St. Petersburg!(10K)